Hello, and welcome to my practice


akos-during-treatmentMy name is Akosh Bogschutz. I am a Yumeiho® therapist, medical massage therapist and Yoga instructor. During my school years I trained at the Dharma Gate Buddhist College in Budapest as a buddhist theologist (BSc) and Yoga teacher. I’ve been doing Yumeiho therapy since 2004 and I graduated as a medical massage therapist (Level 3) in 2005.



My main profession is the application of a preventative and therapeutic treatment called Yumeiho or Hipbone Yumeiho Therapy. It’s based on a Japanese school system with 7 levels which are called ˝Dan” like in martial arts. Currently I have 4 dans which means I am on the assistant teacher’s level.

This is a very effective treatment performed on a massage mattress. You should wear your comfortable garments during the session.

13584767_998256326962109_1645598688679572053_oBasically Yumeiho works with 3 types of techniques:

·         thrust-kneading method as massage

·         point pressure techniques

·         SEITAI – „Japanese chiropractic”


In brief Yumeiho therapy is a kind of holistic deep tissue massage and manual therapy technique based on the theory that by resetting the symmetry of our body it allows a normal, balanced flow of energy throughout the entire body. And this results in overall general health.  However Yumeiho therapy is suitable to deal with all sort of back pain and other health issues, this site is mainly dedicated to lower back pain or lumbago.

Yumeiho® Therapy is a community trade mark registered name and method.

History of Yumeiho



image2.pixlrHowever Yumeiho therapy can help with various health issues – I have worked with athletes, elderly people, pregnant women and disabled children as well – most people need a relief from all kinds of back pain, mostly neck, shoulder and lower back pain. Due to the technique used by this specific type of therapy, pain resulting from slipped spinal discs can aslo be alleviated. As I can see two main factor leads to these symphtoms beside the ageing and injuries:

·          Being under too much stress can cause rigid and stiff muscle which is ensued by pain.

·         On the other hand physical inactivity or overworking of the body can also result in pain.


I believe that regular home exercising and applying some relaxation techniques or meditation can help to prevent and overcome back pain. Over the years I collected various exercises which I usually demonstrate as part of the treatment or separately in a class or „one to one” if required.




In Hungary, my home country, the purpose of getting a massage is when someone needs relief from rheumatic or other musculosceletal pain. Hungary is famous for being rich in healing thermal water and has many old baths in the capital and the surrounding countryside. During the communist era, citizens had the right to take part in bath treatments – 15 sessions, including massage treatments – if needed which was covered by health insurance. As a result people had learnt that it is really possible to shape the body in a few weeks. Kneading is a part of the old tradition of these spas which have been places of serenity and health since the middle ages. This is the reason why this medical approach and clinical massage education (NVQ3 equivalent) is prevalent to such a high standard in Hungary. As part of my training I practiced in one of the baths in Budapest.


Getting a Yumeiho treatment once is an interesting and pain-relieving experience. A few weeks of treatment can really make a change and being a regular client is better than life insurance.