YumeihoYumeiho therapy has seven levels or dans. If you are interested in becoming a fully trained Yumeiho therapist you have to complete 3 levels. We are going to do the 1st and 2nd levels together in one course which means 18 full days of training, one weekend in every month. It can be 9 short weekends (Sat, Sun) or 6 long weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun) and will finish with an exam and diploma hand over ceremony.

About the Levels or Dans

1st dan is enough to give a massage to friends and family

2nd dan – you can work as a trainee therapist

3rd dan – After one year of practise you can do the next level’s training which gives a deeper insight into the art of Yumeiho therapy

4th dan is the assistant teacher

5th dan is the Master or Sensei with the permission to test the students and sign diplomas

6th dan would be like the Elders

7th dan is like CEO


You can read more about the structure and the Community Trade Mark Registration >>>

Your teacher will be Maciej Dlunski one of the two masters with 7 dans who has got a vast experience of training Yumeiho therapists worldwide. I think you deserve to learn from one of the bests but you have to consider the followings:

  • Maciej ask 2800 Euro/person for the course which contains his travel and other personal expenses as well. He comes only if there are 4 participant at least. It’s around £2500 payable to him.

  • Diploma and CTM certificate fee is 300 U$D. It’s around £215 which is payable to the Japanese centre via Maciej

  • We also have to add the cost of a venue (18 days/8hours) if needed or find someone with a large enough room to host the course – two people can work on one mattress with the size of 1m*2m

Yumeiho exam in Japan

Yumeiho exam in Japan

This course is not for everyone, it’s rather a postgraduate course for therapists, health care professinals, kiropractors/osteopaths, personal/fittness trainers, yoga teachers, who already have experience and knowledge about how the human body works.

It’s a Community Trade Mark registered name and method and the course makes you professional. You can improve your skills and start a new phase in your carrier with Yumeiho therapy.

As the course lasts for 6 or 9 months we can find out the finance as well, you can pay in instalments if nessesary.