Three healing animals for low back pain patients

Those who have already visited me for therapy surely will recognize the upcoming exercise:

Dog-Cat-Rabbit exercise


This is a very simple, yet an extremely useful exercise which done regularly, could have amazing results. I surely „prescribe” to all of my patients with low back pain.

The advantages:

  • It helps to the direct regeneration of the body, respectively of the intervertebral disc, slackening the muscles so that I could intervene more efficiently.
  • You also have to work for your own healing process. This is a mutual work for incorporating a daily routine with physical exercise into your life and after the treatment process it will be your best friend for prevention.

Let me introduce the exercise now and the background information will come later.

1.   Starting position: Start on your hands and knees with your arms and thighs perpendicular to the floor. Toes are on the ground and please avoid leaning on your tiptoe. Then start with the dog:


2.   Dog: Raise your head, Let down the waist, and stretch your back downwards into a swayback. The top of your head and your tailbone will gently get closer. They don’t have to meet (this is really for distortionists in circus), just stretch into it nicely. No pressure!



3.   Cat: Stretch your back by arching it upwards. Your chin is moving towards your chest.




4.   Rabbit: Lie back on your heels; touch the ground with your forehead. This might be difficult for most of you at the beginning, but just then try to get your bottom close to your heels. It is not a problem if your forehead does not meet the floor, let your chin stretch comfortably.


5.   Go into the starting position: and continue. Dog-Cat-Rabbit….and so on. Try to find the position where you don’t have to move your palms and knees. Repeat this 20 times in a comfortable rhythm. Not too slowly but rather more dynamic. You don’t need to control your breathing but if you find a suitable beat it is good. Finish with rabbit position. If you want to stay in this position for a while support your forehead even with your fists put on each other.


6.   If you are ready: please sit with drowning position and have a spinal twist on both sides. It is known as Vakrasana in Sanskrit, one of the Hatha Yoga exercises which can mobilise the lumbal area of the vertebral column…

So this is one of the fundamental exercises for low back pain patients. Our lifestyle sometimes does not allow us a frequent physical activity which could lead to several outcomes, such as low back pain.


A relevant preventive method for low back pain is physical exercise, practiced daily, just for 20 minutes, in a comfortable way. Sometimes there is a need for a change in one’s overall lifestyle, which could start with this simple exercise. If happens so, we can be really grateful to our low back pain at certain point, because we learnt something from it.

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