Lower Back Pain

Are you fed up with…

  • missing out days of work because of having back pain?
  • back stiffness, decreased movement and difficulty standing straight?
  • your run-down condition and painkillers?
  • the uncomfotable numbness or radiating pain in your legs?
  • that you can barely slip into your socks or put on your shoes because of your hurting back?

When we are talking about back pain we can differentiate between neck painmiddle back pain and lower back pain. Most people will have at least one backache in their life. Although this pain or discomfort can happen anywhere in our back, the most common area affected is lower back. However Yumeiho® therapy is suitable to deal with all sort of back pain, this site is mainly dedicated to lower back pain or lumbago. There are different causes to bring about pain like injury, bad posture, overweight, weak abdominal muscles or distortions of the spine like scoliosis and bulging or slipped disks.

Lower back pain affects around 80% of the entire population of the modern world and causes 40% of missed days of work. Statistically low back pain is the second reason that we see our health care provider — second only to colds and flu. The sensation of pain may vary. One time or another, lower back pain is going to incapacitate us, making us near unable to work and cause difficulty to get out of bed for around a week. In that case it’s good to know someone who can adjust it.

Lower back pain is a symptom that usually originates from the muscles, nerves, bones, joints or other structures in the spine. It often occurs after a trauma such as a car accident or a fall but can be a sign of a serious medical problem as well. Sometimes the organs can refer pain to the back, like illness of the prostate at males or uterus and ovaries at females.

Based on the duration we can differentiate between acute back pain and chronic back pain.

Back pain.

Acute lower back pain lasts up to 12 weeks and generally can be experienced after lifting a heavy object, moving suddenly, sitting in one position for a long time or having an injury or accident. Actually it can disappears slowly by relaxing at home but doing some light home exercises or getting Yumeiho® treatments can shorten the recovery time. Anyway, after the first days you should stay as active as possible. Usually it doesn’t have a long term effect on our medical condition but if it does come around again then we have to pay attention to it. If we don’t deal with these signs it can turn into a constant pain or impairment of our organism.

If it lasts for more than 12 weeks we call it constant or chronic lower back pain that stays in one place or can radiate to other areas. It can also start after an accident or just by itself but in that case different unconscious courses have been running in the background for years or decades which escalate then as back pain. The first thing we should be thinking about is that we have to change something in our lifestyle and habits. For chilling backache, taking painkillers are proposed for a limited time to avoid stomache ulcer.

Sometimes, even after the injury or disease process has healed, sensitized pathways continue to send signals to the brain. It means that afther the physical recovery, pain can still be experienced and Yumeiho® therapy is able to sedate it and work tranquillizingly.

Disc herniation is the most common neurologic impairment, from which 95% occurs in the lower back area. So a common cause of low back pain is the degeneration or herniation of the discus between the vertebrae of the spinal column. A herniated or slipped disc is the last stage of the aging or wearing process, which can be stopped or slowed down with some thoughtfulness.

Easier to prevent than to heal!