How to carry out spine twisting?

Following the previous shown excercise, the dog-cat-rabbit, a spine twisting movement is very pleasant and useful. It is known as Vakrasana in Sanskrit.

Homage to Selvarajan Yesudian! As a Yoga teacher I follow his school in Hatha yoga. His two main yoga books are „Sport and Yoga” and „Yoga week by week”. These are his words about performing spine twisting or Vakrasana:

„Sit on the floor with the legs streched out in front. Drow up the right leg so that the tight and knee are pressed hard against the abdomen and chest. Lift the right foot over the left and place the sole of the right foot next to the left thigt on the floor. The palms of both hands are placed flat on the floor, fingers outward. After three full Yoga breathings change feet and repeat.

Thearepeutic effect: The positive and negative currents are brought into equilibrium.”

Vakrasana Yesudian


An easier variation if you keep your right knee and left elbow pressed togeter and your lower arm and hand are horisontal at the chest. Look at a point on the wall right behind you. Twist and stretch gently during exhailation and let it back only for a little at inhailation. You can stay and play so for a few breathing. When you are moving back, first your head then shoulders, chest and the whole upper body moves in succession.

So this excercise comes right after 20 of dog-cat-rabbit and you can repeat the whole session several times. It’s easy to carry out and the focus on the quantity. Don’t force the end positions of the movements, just strech it gently!

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