After you’ve had a session with me you can find these information useful for your daily practise

Lu Jong – Tibetan yoga

This is the core of our practise. The main master of Lu Jong is Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche. He collected and systemised yoga exercises from the Tibetan yogi traditions which are benefical for the health. I have got the permission from Dahortsang Loten Tibetan Lu Jong master to teach the Five Element Exercises which are highly recommended for back pain issues.

You can watch and study the 5 Elements exercises on YouTube – see links below. First learn the proper movements with us and practise on your own. Your health comes first, avoid overstretching!

Dog-Cat-Rabbit and spine twisting for the pain-free lower back and healty intervertebral discs. Practise daily!


  • Head rotation, focus on the crown
  • Swinging your arms, turning with floppy arms, lower 45 degrees, horisontal, upper 45 degrees and back
  • Half Moon, ArdhaChandrasana hands up, bend left, hold and relax, other side, strech up, arms to the side
  • Windmill, palms facing outwards, sweaping the inner surface of a bubble
  • Wide stance, sit on one foot and strech the other leg and hip, 3 stages
  • DogCatRabbit
  • Spine twisting
  • Lu Jong Five Elements
  • Lower back and inner abdominals (kideney energy) strengthening by Dr. Gendun Dhargay, Tibetan Doctor Lama
  • YTWL 
  • Standing and breathing