Yumeiho® therapy is a preventative and therapeutic method, a holistic Japanese remedial massage and manual therapy used to treat many medical conditions as well as to improve mental and physical health.

yumeihoszoBack ache, sciatica, scoliosis, slipped discs, joint problems and muscle tension are just some of the health issues that can be successfully treated with Yumeiho® therapy. Additional benefit is the feeling of total relaxation and rejuventation, which most of my clients describe as getting taller, stronger or straighter.

Saionji Masayuki, founder of Yumeiho

Saionji Masayuki, founder of Yumeiho

Yumeiho® therapy is a connection of the wisdom from Japanese and Chinese medicine with Japanese precision. It was created by dr Saionji Masayuki Saiki Otsuki (1943-2005), founder and director of International Institute of Medical Prevention in Tokyo registered now as Yumeiho® Institute. It’s present director in Tokyo is Mr Toshiharu Kitami.
Yumeiho Seitai

Mr Toshiharu Kitami, present director in Tokyo

The main aim of Yumeiho® therapy is to mobilize the auto-therapeutic or self-healing forces of our organism by setting the vertebral column, pelvis and all joints correctly. Yumeiho® therapy is a therapeutic system consisting of a number of procedures (depending on a pathologic state). One procedure lasts for about 45-50 minutes during which a therapist uses around 100 different techniques. They include, in the first place, massage by kneading and compression, and mobilization of the all joints carried out in an original and pain-free manner (SEITAI  - “Japanese chiropractic”).

During the Yumeiho® treatment patient is fully clothed in comfortable and loose trousers or tights and T-shirt. Yumeiho® treatment is being performed on special mattress placed on the floor.


What Yumeiho® helps for?

Yumeiho spine

Yumeiho® therapy can help in curing many illnesses, for example:Yumeiho
• neck and back pain, slipped discs,
•lumbago and sciatica,
• stiffness or pain in the neck and shoulders,
• pain in the hip joints, knees, ankles, toes and ribs,
• various headaches,
• menstrual pain, irregular menstruation, infertility
• illnesses of the liver, stomach, intestines, heart, pancreas,
kidneys, spleen, bladder etc.

First SessionNévtelen1 másolata

During the Yumeiho® treatment patient is fully clothed in comfortable and loose trousers or tights, socks and T-shirt.

Yumeiho® treatment is being performed on special matt placed on the floor.

During the first session the therapist gathers all needed information about patients present condition and medical history.

After performing Yumeiho® treatment accordingly to patients condition, practitioner advices a Yumeiho® therapy sessions plan.

Therapy PlanNévtelen2 másolata

Yumeiho® therapy contains usually between 10 and 30 session (when the condition is less serious it can be 3 to 9 sessions). The best results can be achieved if sessions are being performed daily, however the break between the session can last up to one week.Névtelen3 másolata

After completing a therapy plan there is recommended to benefit from Yumeiho® therapy on monthly basis as a relaxing and preventive treatment.